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Introducing the new screen reader COBRA 10

COBRA simplifies working with Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP for blind and visually impaired computer users. COBRA incorporates all standard functions of a modern screen reader in an environment guaranteed for the future. COBRA provides important information from the computer screen into speech, Braille or magnified form. Discover the new COBRA 10!

What's new?

COBRA 10 is more powerful, more flexible and much faster than all previous COBRA versions. COBRA now includes a convenient Firstrun Wizard for smooth and easy set-up of your individual COBRA. Furthermore, COBRA 10 now fully supports 64-bit Windows 7 as well as the 64-bit Microsoft Office 2010 version more reliably and more extensively.

COBRA 10: Try the latest COBRA-version now!

The new Firstrun Wizard

After installation of COBRA 10, its Firstrun Wizard guides you step by step through the most important settings to obtain your personalized COBRA set-up. COBRA's Firstrun Wizard can be called upon anytime - also after initial installation.

The Live Updater

Beginning with COBRA 10, it is BAUM's aim to provide users with more frequent updates for COBRA in shorter intervalls. This will be handled through the new COBRA Live Updater. During each start of COBRA on your system it will check to see if a there is an available update for your COBRA. If this is the case the user will be informed and it will be shown what will happen and wich updates will be installed. The Live Updater ensures that you always have the latest COBRA version.

New speech synthesizer integrated

COBRA is now supplied by default with the new, clear, and natural-sounding Nuance Vocalizer High Quality speech synthesizer. For American English the voice is "Tom", and for British English it is "David". In addition to the standard supplied and installed language, it is possible to download and install a second language free of charge. Even more languages are available for download and installation but carry with them an extra cost.

If COBRA is used in the demo version mode, the Nuance Vocalizer speech synthesizer can be used maximum of 30 days. The Eloquence speech synthesizer is also integrated in COBRA 10 and can also be used.


New features in COBRA menu


  • In the "File" menu item, there is now an option to ZIP up the COBRA
    settings to make sending them to other computers easier.
  • In "Extras / Options / Audio channel" now the names of the available
    audio devices are shown.
  • The Braille Control Panel is not necessary anymore as these settings are
    now being done in "Braille / Braille Devices". Settings for the Braille
    Monitor are now also placed there more logically.
  • In "Speech / Open Speech Download Page" it is possible to download more
    voices for the Nuance Vocalizer.


Acoustic progress indicator

Software programs with high processor usage make high demands on the computer's system resources. Consequently, the processing speed of other software programs can slow down. When this happens, blind computer users cannot easily determine what the system is doing.
In earlier versions of COBRA there was an acoustic hour glass that solved this problem for the most part by audibly reporting the status of the system using acoustic signals. Now in COBRA 10, there are also progress indicators using a tone that increases in pitch indicating every 5% step of progress. This tone is heard for foreground and background applications. This way, the user knows the status of copying files, burning CD's, etc. The settings for these features can be changed in "Extras / Sounds".

Entirely new COBRA-Explorer

Through the COBRA Explorer, COBRA unifies operation of and access to the Internet. COBRA Explorer is seamlessly integrated into the screen reader, and is a standard means to handle all HTML Texts, PDF files and E-Books. Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox for HTML and also Adobe Reader for PDF files and Adobe Digital Edition for E-Books can all be used similarly with COBRA Explorer and without the need for additional plug-ins. COBRA Explorer is thoroughly rewritten and now enables better representation in both refreshable Braille and speech. Also large documents are now available much faster than before.

There is much more to discover - convince yourself and download a demo version of COBRA 10 now!

Free Download of COBRA 10 demo version

To download COBRA 10 free of charge, please fill in your email address here:


There are 3 versions of COBRA:

  • COBRA 10 Braille
  • COBRA 10 Zoom
  • COBRA 10 Pro

COBRA Braille offers both support for Braille and Speech output. In COBRA Zoom there is the screen magnification feature with speech output. COBRA Pro includes all 3 forms: speech output, Braille output and screen magnification.

Integrated Screen Magnification

COBRA Zoom and COBRA Pro contain, in addition to Braille and speech, a powerful screen magnifier that is fully integrated within COBRA. It contains a.o. the following features:

  • Magnification from 1x to 32x
  • Full screen or split screen views of the computer screen
  • Edge smoothing with automatic recognition of foreground and background colours
  • Optical aids, such as highlighting of cursor, focus border and mouse pointer
  • Extra large mouse pointer available in different colours
  • Indicator where magnification area is in relation to the full screen
  • Inverse display mode but also only grey-scales, single colour-mode and multi-colour-mode
  • Shortcuts for fast operation
  • Windows key + z, direct call to magnification dialog
  • Windows key + Page Up (PgUp), magnification increases one step
  • Windows key + Page Down (PgDn), magnification decreases one step

Further information

System Requirements COBRA 10
Download free demo version

We understand your needs and look forward to answering any questions you may have.

The COBRA snake logo for the COBRA screen reader.

That's what our clients say:

I have used Baum's screen reading software (first VIRGO and then COBRA) both at home and at work for more than ten years. One of the primary reasons why I chose BAUM products was their superior support for Braille. I also appreciate COBRA's flexibility in presenting alternative screen views. My success at work depends on my ability to access detailed information quickly and thoroughly; COBRA enables me to work at least as efficiently as my sighted colleagues. COBRA works very well with networks. Other screen readers either froze on the network (causing me to lose data) or weren't usable in our applications. Although at that time there was no COBRA distributor for USA, any delays resulting from the time difference between Germany and USA have been more than compensated by the competence, thoroughness and expertise of the BAUM staff and their products.


Mary Beth Metzger, USA