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Pronto! 40 V4

The organizers in the Pronto! range offer more than just general features such as note taking or managing appointments. Pronto! 40 V4 offers all that and much more. A naturally human sounding speech output makes Pronto! 40 V4 a pleasure to listen to. There is a choice of inputs as well. Use either a braille or QWERTY keyboard; you get both with your Pronto! 40 V4. It has other useful features too, including email, web browser, ftp- and Dropbox-connection to let you stay in touch with people, anytime and anywhere. Pronto! 40 is your mobile organizer at work, at home as well as on the road.

Main features

  • Interchangeable Braille or standard (QWERTY) keyboard for inputting
  • 40-cell Braille display with integrated cursor routing
  • WLAN with WPA2, SDHC card slot
  • USB-connection and 4 Bluetooth connections
  • Natural-sounding speech output
  • Set up IMAP or POP email-accounts to read and write e-mail, surf the web, etc.
  • Manage addresses, appointments, notes, etc.

With interchangeable braille and standard (QWERTY) keyboards

Pronto! 40 V4 offers two methods for inputting: "My organizer must be powerful. I need a braille keyboard and a 40-cell braille display at school, whereas in my spare time I would prefer a standard (QWERTY) keyboard because I can chat faster that way. Also I don't want to lug around too many devices. Ideally I want an organizer that I can also use like a netbook - I would then be able to leave my laptop at home."

The 40-cell braille display is an integral part of the device and fitted with cursor routing. The internal memory of 32 GB Flash is expanded by a SDHC-card of 4 GB included in the package. The built-in long-life Lithium-ion battery only requires recharging after 20 hours of use. Furthermore, Pronto's silver metallic spray-painted aluminum housing gives it an exclusive and elegant appearance.

The integrated 40-cell braille display of Pronto! 40 can be used also as a normal refreshable braille display with your PC, laptop, iPad or iPhone. Pronto! 40 V4 features BAUM's legendary simultaneous device connectivity. Thanks to a USB and four Bluetooth connections, you can connect Pronto! to all of your devices, and remain connected to them. A command on Pronto! lets you switch from one device to the next, and back again. This means it is possible to switch quickly from your notebook to your smartphone to rapidly type an SMS, and then switch back to your computer to resume your work.

Technical Specifications and Downloads

  • Key features
    • Interchangeable keyboard for inputting 8-dot braille
    • Interchangeable standard (QWERTY) keyboard
    • 40-cell braille display with integrated cursor routing
    • 2 built-in stereo loudspeakers
    • 1 built-in microphone
  • Operation
    •  Navistick for easy and comfortable operation
    • 4 function keys to quick-launch applications
    • Speech Output
      • Output with very clear intonation
      • Choice of language versions
      • Two voices for reading texts (English andlanguage of your country (where applicable)
      • Size and weight
          • 29.7 × 15.2 × 2.7 cm (appr. 11.7 × 6 × 1 in.)
          • 1280 g (appr. 2.8 lbs.)
        • Interface
          • WLAN with WPA2 – IEEE 802.11g
          • 4 Bluetooth channels for simultaneous connections
          • USB-Master Type A
          • Mini-USB (Slave) Type Mini-B
          • Connect to an external microphone (mono)and headphones (stereo, 3.5 mm)
          • SDHC-Slot (according to SD 2.0 specification)
          • Memory and battery
            • 256 MB RAM and 32 GB Flash
            • Included is a 4 GB SDHC-card
            • Built-in Lithium-ion battery
            • Power adapter included 100-240V 50-60 Hz
            • Operating time up to 20 hrs.
            • Downloads

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